Leadership Bundle

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Accessing Your 7 Greatest Powers – An Opportunity to take your life to a whole new level of empowerment

There are simple activities that you can do to empower all 7 areas of life (mental, financial, vocational, spiritual, familial, physical and social). This presentation will show you how to do that.

The Riches Within
In The Riches Within, Dr. Demartini reacquaints you with the power that you already have within you… with respect to spirit, intellect, career, leadership, finances, relationships, and your physical body.

Demartini on Leadership – The 5 S’s that make an inspired leader
In this presentation, Dr. Demartini introduces you to the 5 S’s of Leadership: Service, Specialized Knowledge, Speaking, Selling and Saving and shows you how to enhance all these disciplines to empower your life so that you become an inspired leader in your field.

The 7 Secret Treasures
Empower and inspire all 7 areas of your life. The Seven Secret Treasures takes you to a greater discovery of self and life mastery. With access to some of the most powerful life transforming tools and principles at your fingertips.

Awakening Your Astronomical Vision
Recorded in the Planaterium against the backdrop of stars and planets that make up our solar system. Dr Demartini at his best sharing a profound presentation that reaches from the astronomical vision to the daily actions that shape your most inspired and profound destiny as a person. A truly inspired presentation that will leave you with profound insights and a deep sense of life purpose and inspiration!

Activate Your Unique Genius
I consistently say that we have an amazing capacity within us, so here’s permission to discover yours.  Because after all, the most authentic you can be is you. No fantasy will compare with you.  Just imagine what might happen if you gave yourself permission to be the authentic you. That is where you are creative. That is where your genius is born. That is where you are inspired.  That is where your vitality comes out and where you have the most fulfilled life. This presentation will have you activate your unique genius in all 7 areas of life.

In the Box

•Accessing Your 7 Greatest Powers – 2 x CD

• Awakening Your Astronomical Vision – 2 x CD

• Activate Your Unique Genius – 2 x CD

•Demartini on Leadership – 2 x CD

• The 7 Secret Treasures – 7 x CD, 1 x DVD, 1 x Digital Workbook

• The Riches Within – Book

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