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Discover how your perceptions, memories and imaginations can alter the genetic expression in your brain cells, peripheral neurons and other tissue cells via epigenetic regulation and how these neuroplastic and cytoplastic expressions can help you fulfill your highest mental and physical potentials according to what is most valuable and meaningful to your life.

The Healing Mind
The mind body connection. A brilliant presentation that addresses the mind-body connection and how perceptions have the power to bring about health or disease within the body. Dr. Demartini shows you how imbalanced perceptions impact neurohormone messages, enzymes and structural tensions and compressions within the body and break down the body causing disease.

Mind Over Body
A brilliant audio presentation by Dr. John Demartini delving into the mechanics of the mind and its connection to health, wellbeing and the reasons behind the things we do or don’t do to achieve our health and wellness goals. We have incredible capacity to create profound transformations in our psychology and physiology through the power of our perceptions. When we take command of how we perceive things we change the labels and our misperceptions about our own health and wellbeing. This presentation addresses the unlimited healing power of a balanced mind and includes ground breaking information on conquering various forms of addiction.

Adding Life to Years and Years to Life
Dr. John Demartini shares the 12 great secrets to living a longer, more fulfilled life. This inspirational and informative program will help you gain valuable insights into the small changes you can make today to keep yourself looking younger, feeling more vital and enthused. Covering a wide range of topics such as the importance of inspiration, vision, diet and balanced emotions, you will learn great tips and wisdom from Dr. Demartini’s extensive research into the mind body connection. It is time to claim your most vital life.

Count Your Blessings
The healing power of gratitude and love. Are you really living or barely breathing? Do you feel sick, run-down, anxious, or low? In this remarkable book, Dr. John Demartini reveals the connection between health and state of mind. The old adage about making the most of what you’ve got forms the basis of 25 principles that will help you live a healthy and fulfilling life.

From Stress to Success – in Just 31 Days
You can take command of your life! You can build your self-worth and expand your net worth! You can enjoy more fulfilling and loving relationships! You can perceive, receive and achieve way, way more!

In the Box
• Adding Life to Years and Years to Life – 1 x CD

• Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity – 2 x CD – NEW

• The Healing Mind – 2 x CD

• Mind Over Body – 2 x CD

• Count Your Blessings – Book

• From Stress to Success – Book

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