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Imagine a career where every day feels like a vacation. A life where you’re able to find the person you love and have a fulfilling and inspiring partnership. Imagine being able to fulfill your purpose for being here on earth.

THE VALUES FACTOR: The Secret to Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling Life will show readers how to have all of that and more. Dr. John Demartini has discovered the key to fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Through the thirteen-part questionnaire and inspiring real life stories readers will uncover what they value most. Once they align their lives accordingly they can finally achieve the success that they were capable of all along.

Some of the ways THE VALUES FACTOR details how readers can change achieve this success are:

  • By letting go of fantasies and celebrating reality in relationships
  • By awakening their genius and allowing themselves to become capable of learning at remarkable rates
  • By discovering fulfillment in their jobs
  • By recognizing wealth-building opportunities and discovering hidden assets
  • By overcoming the seven fears and expanding influence

For fans of The Secret, THE VALUES FACTOR will teach readers to harness the power of their values and build a meaningful life

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